Grinding through Gorgon as my April NaNo project, and it’s every bit as big and complex as I expected it to be.  Finished the rewrite on Houston, which is going to need a new handle, because it isn’t just in Houston any more, and making steps toward getting both Miami and Portal Jumpers set loose into the wild.

Need to get my books list updated after pushing everything last year; sorry about that.

Video.  Moriarty.  If you haven’t watched the BBC modernization of classic Sherlock, you should.  This is the dude who plays Moriarty, and while he actually doesn’t get much screen time, you don’t realize how *big* he uses it until you see it all compressed into one place.  Zounds.

What I’m reading: Write.  Publish.  Repeat. by David Wright, Johnny Truant, and Sean Platt

What I’m watching: Sherlock series by BBC