These are the fellows who brought us Come With Me Now a couple years back.  Fabulous, fabulous.  Did some digging, because that’s what I do at this point, and turned up that the four of them are brothers, which engages my writer brain immensely.  What has it got to be like, to be in a group like this with your three brothers?  The personalities on display are huge.  I will probably end up watching interviews and live performances to get a sense of what they’re like as people.  Very intrigued.

Any rate, I’m posting this now because it’s only 12 days old, and that’s novel to me.  I need to watch it all the way through four times to watch each of them individually, but I always get distracted.  Fun stuff.

You needed more singing gorillas in your life.  Believe me.

What I’m reading: Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett

What I’m watching: NCIS, in large quantities