His Dark Mistress: a primer

His Dark Mistress has lived in my head for a long time. She started with a coat and then a hat, or maybe with Carmen Sandiego, I’m not sure. I loved the idea of Carmen Sandiego, but I always loathed how little of her story we ever got. We were always chasing her. Chasing and chasing and chasing, but we never got to meet her. It was like we were never good enough for her, and I grew up in awe of her. There’s a juvenile part of me who still wants to be the kind of person Carmen Sandiego would want to meet.

At any rate, the woman with the jacket has stalked me from the back of my head for years. I wrote her myth, the bit stashed a the end of the first book, (the one everyone either loves or hates; I get it) years before I wrote her first story. Let a friend read it, and he didn’t get it, so I put it away.

Thing about His Dark Mistress is that she stalks me, not the other way around. Continue reading “His Dark Mistress: a primer”



With some additional digging, I’ve found some additional videos in English of Henning May and his musically talented compatriots.  Some day, I’m going to string together the ideas into a short story.  It’s just right there.  Loving it.  This is on my writing playlist, at present.


Give Me Fantasy

I write lots of different stuff, and I read lots of different stuff. I tend to find a writer I really enjoy, and then just devour everything they’ve written until they disappoint me a couple of times in a row and I find someone new to binge-read. That said, I read very little ‘approved’ literature. The last time I put in an effort to read unassigned important fiction was a reading list coming out of the eighth grade that was intended to prepare me for the rigors of high school.

I loved Catcher in the Rye.

I bailed on Catch 22 for nonspecific reasons.

Jane Eyre was my favorite-book-of-all-time for about a decade.

I aborted my read of Last of the Mohicans on the twenty-second page of description of the man’s coat buttons. Seriously.

I enjoyed Animal Farm, though I know I wouldn’t now because of the overbearing politics. At 14, I didn’t see the agenda and just read the story. There’s something important there about stories and innocence, but that’s not the paydirt I’m looking for. Continue reading “Give Me Fantasy”

HDM: Miami

So, we pushed Miami to KDP this week.  It’s been a long time coming, as my backlog of work continues to grow behind the publishing side of things that I want to and need to get done, but it’s out, and I’m thrilled.

This is the continuation of the world of His Dark Mistress.  Those of you looking for more of Beth or Sabrina will be disappointed (for the time being), but Neil is back, and Brad features more prominently as well.

Since His Dark Mistress novels are intended to be one-off stories, you should feel free to start here, if that’s what suits you.  His Dark Mistress is a shadow, something of a cross between Carmen Sandiego and Selene from Underworld.  No one has ever seen her, but everyone knows what she looks like.  A force of nature, she pushes the world toward a stable equilibrium between good and evil, using whatever means necessary to do it.  This time, it’s a kid named Timo, who is a bit player in the underworld of Miami but is about to be a lot more.

The King of Miami is a fast-paced story that takes place in the aftermath of the events in Boston, with new drama in New York and Miami.  It’s going to be a rough ride for everyone, and His Dark Mistress is going to have her hands full, getting everyone through it alive.

Among early readers, including JJ, this has been a favorite, and a number of them have been hounding me for Houston (which is close to hitting early readers, I promise!), which will see the return of Beth.  His Dark Mistress only shows up on her own time, though.  Her books are still the hardest of anything I write, because I can’t trust her for anything.  I don’t even know what happens after Houston, because she hasn’t told me yet.

Stay tuned, ya’ll.  And enjoy Miami.  I certainly did.

Miami Cover

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