Okay, so full disclosure here, I was #teamBSB in the boyband wars, but they did some seriously atrocious videos.  N*SYNC, in Pop, created the consummate 90s pop video, complete with synchronized 5-man choreography, uber-bright colors, JT beatboxing, dancing hallways, and Wade Robson filling in in most of his own choreography because, as I remember it, Joey had a bloody great hole in his leg.  I’m off momentarily to ask the internet why.  The internet always remembers.

Do not be ashamed to enjoy.


What is a book worth?

So, this has come up a few times, in the circles I wander, and there are a lot of strong opinions out there. It’s my opinion that there is a methodical way of answering most questions like this one, if you analyze motivations and economics coolly.

How much is a book worth?

It’s something a friend asked me several years ago as we were wandering laps at a Target talking about writing and art. In the context of ‘art’ it feels nebulous and fearsome. What am I worth to the world? What is the value of the contribution I am making to society and culture. On a snarky day, I’d capitalize those, but those are real things with real value. The problem is that the value of society and culture doesn’t come in dollar units. It just doesn’t. It can come in more and less, but not in dollars.

Pushing the price of a book up or down doesn’t have anything to do with society and culture.

What it does do is change the type of reward that an author gets from his work. Continue reading “What is a book worth?”

OK Go #1

I will post lots and lots of OK Go.  I love them, and I hope to find them in concert someday.  They are in competition for my favorite group, and they have no competition as my favorite video group.  Here, they blow away the old performers’ adage: never work with children or dogs.