This idea has been with me for a very long time. Most authors have something to say about dreams, or they’ve written something that was based on a dream, and here’s mine: I’m deeply jealous of my dreaming self. She’s so much more creative than I am – she tells better stories than I do, ones that are so removed from any of the rootstock of my own fictional life that they look and feel genuinely creative and new…

I went through a phase, maybe six weeks, when I did not dream. I didn’t do anything while I was asleep but sleep, and I would wake in the morning, clear-minded but without any sense that time had passed since I’d fallen asleep. (I am not a morning person, normally. I’m muddled and drunk on dreams.) I’d get up and go through my day without really looking forward to going to bed at night, because I didn’t get that basting time in my own mind that sleeping usually represents. The time was just… gone.

This phase terrified me. I still fear it coming back, though it was many years ago and it didn’t last that long, in the scope of things, but it was like forgetting how to speak or suddenly discovering that my best friend was imaginary. The first night that I returned to the swirling stew of dreams that is a normal night’s sleep was a relief that I can’t begin to describe, and I’ve never taken dreaming for granted, since. Continue reading “Dreams”


Portal Jumpers: Live!

So, it all happened a lot faster than I expected.  I got my notification that Scout was going to decline the contract, and JJ turned around and got Portal Jumpers prepped for launch.

It went live this morning.

Portal Jumpers Cover kindle

You buy your copy here.  Prefer to read with Kindle Unlimited?  Portal Jumpers is enrolled, right now.

Scout was a great experience, and I’m so grateful for the support I got, but I’m really excited to have Portal Jumpers up and available or sale.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!