Isobel – the book!

So this post is way late.  I was going to put this up Nov1, but Isobel wasn’t quite ready and then NaNo got the best of me and I ended up waiting for my Dec1 post.  And now it’s the third and I’ve been so involved in writing that I’m just getting to it.

So my apologies to her.


Isobel went live in the middle of November.  This is a book in the Sam & Sam universe, but Isobel is not in on that, quite yet.  She’ll show up in Sam & Sam #7, but her history was one I wanted to get figured out before she turned up.

Because Isobel is complicated.

She’s evolved a lot of times, since I knew I was going to write a book about her someday.  Part of her is answering the gaps in the questions from Dido’s song by the same title – who is she? what did she do? why?  And then she got jumbled up with an idea of a character that JJ had for her, as I was talking about her.  In the end, I wrote a lot more of JJs character than the one that I originally built from Dido, because his character was one that needed space on a page.  She’s enigmatic, she’s difficult, and the only real constant in her life is her husband, Rafael.

Let me take an aside here and note that I do not write historical fiction.  The burdens of period knowledge, especially in something like Isobel with so many locations and periods, is well beyond my aspirations.  And yet.  I’ve done just that.  I’ve categorized it as historical fantasy, but it’s only just barely that.  And that’s part of the reason that she needs so much explanation.

She looks absolutely nothing like a Sam & Sam character.  She deals with realities that are much more human, and there is nothing special about any of the people in her life that helps get them out of trouble.  And, unfortunately, it’s for that reason that a lot of the big questions about her go unanswered.  She is a mystery to the world that she lives in, and in the end, the stories aren’t about her.  They’re about the women she’s had contact with over the course of her life.  And I adore them and her.

So while I know that this book isn’t necessarily for all of my Sam & Sam readers, I had to write it anyway.  Because characters like her are so often short-changed when they come up, for not having sufficient understanding of their history, and because I wanted to know her, to see her life, and to really appreciate them before I wrote her into a Sam & Sam novel.

Her mis-fit to the rest of the series is also why I’ve made an additional story from her timeline available as a short story on Instafreebie (to new and existing members of my mailing list).  So you can click here and download Isobel: Rise of Rome if you’re interested in a sample of what the full novel is going to be like.

Either way, Isobel is available now on Amazon, here.  Happy reading!


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