For a long time, I posted here twice a month, once around midmonth about writing related topics, and once around the end of the month about something going on specifically with my writing.  It was a good pattern, and I liked it, but I stopped a few months ago because I had a lot of things going on.  I’ve written a few blogs since then, but none of them have been at the right moment of my writing to post, so they remain safely stashed away for another day.

What’s been going on is Magic After Dark, which I’ve talked a lot about in various places, but not so much in the blog as a writing project.

This was a huge undertaking.  There were more than twenty-five authors involved at various stages, and it ended up at launch as a collection of twenty-one novels, with many of the authors involved in marketing and promoting the set almost daily.  We advertised the heck out of it, but I suspect that a huge fraction of our sales went to readers we already had a relationship with, through newsletters, Facebook, and other places.  Pooling our resources and our reader groups has been an amazing way to generate visibility, and while I look forward to meeting new authors as content creators by reading the set myself, I’m equally looking forward to meeting new readers by having participated.

Gypsy Becca is the first in a trilogy, and she exists in the Anadidd’na universe with Sam & Sam, and she’s a great starting point to the world.  As is always true, I know she isn’t going to appeal to everyone (a lot of the set’s readers are going to be looking for PNR, for example, and this is not a romance), but I’m really excited to meet the readers who are looking for this style of story and who enjoy my writing, because I’ve got a lot more where that came from, both in already-existing work and in planned releases over the course of the next couple of years.

So, as far as that goes, the set has been an enormous success, and I’m so proud of the work that the rest of the authors and I put in to pull it off.  Because the launch price was a special price, and because the lineup of the set is going to be changing to allow authors who aren’t interested in Amazon exclusivity to opt out, we’re going to be releasing an entirely new edition in the near future with a new Amazon link, so I don’t have a link that’s going to be of any use for very long right now.  Gypsy Becca will be staying in the set through the entire rest of its run, then I’ll publish Gypsy Becca as a standalone novel.  Either way, you aren’t going to get another crack at this collection of novels at this great a price for long, so pick it up while you can.

The other thing I’ve also been working maniacally on is getting Portal Jumpers II: House of Midas ready for publication.  It was originally slated as an early-June release, but I had a bunch of other littler projects come up that pushed it back, and then I didn’t want to put it out directly on top of the Magic After Dark set release, so we pushed it to late July.  I don’t have a specific date yet, but it should be within a few days either way of the 20th.

I’m almost done with the manuscript, so those readers who have indicated in interest in an advanced copy should be getting it within the next week.  I don’t anticipate a preorder period, but there will be a sale on Portal Jumpers to go along with the PJII launch, so keep your eyes open for that.

In all, it’s been an amazing couple of months.  I’ve learned *a ton* about all kinds of things, and I’m grateful for all of the people providing their experience to the set and as readers.  I’ve started a reader group on Facebook who provide me with immeasurable insight all the time, and I’ve got new opportunities on the horizon.

One last thing, though.