A number of years ago, I had a character in my head.

And she spoke with a drawl.

She ultimately resulted in Sarah Todd, a space western mostly because I can write sci-fi really comfortably, and true westerns – as much as I’ve enjoyed various formats of them – are a technical challenge, as well as a new genre to me.  I had a friend in a writers’ Facebook group who posted a number of true Western covers, and I admired them, mentioning Sarah Todd, and he bought a copy on the spot.

A few weeks later, he asked me to write a series with him.

A true Western series.

It took me maybe thirty seconds to say yes.

And so Jessie Noble was born.

The Animas Forks series is slated to start releasing on August, with my first contribution – The Drifter and the Colt – showing up likely in September.  It’s been more fun than I can say to collaborate with another author, and I’m truly excited for the books to start reaching readers.