Book Fair Giveaway

From time to time, I make work available to my mailing list (new and existing subscribers) that you can’t get anywhere else.  Sometimes, that’s because it isn’t for sale yet, and sometimes that’s because I have no plan to ever put it on sale.


Rage is a prequel novella to Rangers and the rest of the Sam & Sam series.  There will eventually be four of these prequel novellas that I’ll roll out together into a full novel called Book of Carter.  This is currently available to anyone on Instafreebie, but I’ll be taking it down sometime in December to replace it with the next novella, called Justin.

You can find it at Instafreebie here.  After you sign up, I’ll give you a chance to let me know what updates you’d like to get from me: release information from one or all of my pen names, plus notices on major sales, events, and giveaways (like this one!) that I know about.


Return to my main book fair page.


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