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Title:  Rangers

Author:  Chloe Garner

Summary:  Paranormal exterminators Sam and Jason have a complicated, but stable life. They’re good, some of the best, travelling the country and hunting the things that kill people: ghosts, goblins, werewolves, whatever. Things start to change when they meet Samantha, a girl with a shady past and a bag full of weapons.
Buy the book today at Amazon for only $0.99
About the author:  I’m Chloe and I act as the conduit between my dreaming self and the paper (or keyboard, since we live in the future).  I write paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and whatever else goes bump in the night, I also write mystery/thriller as Mindy Saturn.  When I’m not writing I steeplechase miniature horses and participate in ice cream eating contests.  Not really, but I do tend to make things up for a living.
Upcoming Projects:  I’m currently prereleasing sections (read it before you can buy it!) of the Book of Carter (a Sam & Sam prequel) on Instafreebie.  Isobel, the origin story of a woman who doesn’t know that she’s in the Sam & Sam universe is due out any day now, and with it will be a free Isobel short story, also on Instafreebie.

Author Q&A – Come and ask me questions about Rangers, the Sam & Sam universe, writing, and more (I am offline for the night.  Catch back up tomorrow.)

Jason Q&A – Post questions in the comments for Jason to answer.  There is no warranty on what you’re going to get.

Choose your Own Adventure – start here for the beginning of the choose your own adventure story.  This is the Rangers part of the story.

Giveaway – free prequel novella available at Instafreebie

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