Book of Carter


Carter is not an easy man to live with. He spent ten-thousand years hellside, and now he feels more akin to demons than humans, but Samantha shows up at his doorstep – bloody Garrett sent her – and Carter doesn’t turn her away. Never really knew why.
She wants to learn the truth: the small truth about who killed her family and the much bigger truths about the way the world works behind the curtain. She’s not going to give up or go away until he teaches her, and he might just reclaim his humanity along the way.
This volume includes the novellas Rage, Justin, Diana, and Departure.


The Book of Carter is a four part series centered on the man who frankly needs little help centering things on himself. Samantha’s teacher in all things demonic, Aspen Carter keeps the demons of New York City in line with his bright smile and winning personality. Or whatever the opposite of that is. And a sword.


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