Chloe Garner

Anadidd’na Universe (Home of  the Sam & Sam Series)

Angels and demons, Heaven and Hell, magics, and the humans who for whatever various reasons have taken it upon themselves to try to keep it all in line. Because humans are like that.

Currently the Anadidd’na Universe has four threads, Sam & Sam, The Book of Carter, Gypsy Queen, and Isobel.  Because I’m like that.

In the Sam and Sam Series an evasive Samantha joins Sam and Jason as they travel the country hunting that which would otherwise hunt people.  As they work together and grow their skills they soon find they’re players in a game they didn’t even realize existed.

Sam & Sam






Child (coming 2017)

Gorgon (coming 2018)

Releasing first on InstaFreebie, The Book of Carter is a series centered on the man who frankly needs little help centering things on himself. Samantha’s teacher in all things demonic, Aspen Carter keeps the demons of New York City in line with his bright smile and winning personality. Or whatever the opposite of that is. And a sword.

The Book of Carter





The Gypsy Queen series travels with a Makkai Gypsy tribe that uses their gift in crystal magic to defend human kind from evil, whatever form that takes.

Gypsy Becca: Death of a Gypsy Queen

Gypsy Dawn: Life of a Gypsy Queen

Gypsy Bella: Legacy of a Gypsy Queen (November 2017)

Isobel crosses paths with our main story in Gorgon, but her story is so much more than that.  Historical fiction paranormal is hard to write, but when a story wants out who am I to argue?


Portal Jumpers

Following Cassie, an analyst and former jumper at the Air Force’s portal base in Kansas we chase foreign terrestrial (you know, space alien) Jessie to other planets.  This is about as sci-fi as it gets, with a side helping of military politics.

Portal Jumpers

Portal Jumpers II: House of Midas

Portal Jumpers Book 3 (being written)

Mindy Saturn

His Dark Mistress

Whether it’s infiltrating the mob or challenging a drug lord, His Dark Mistress is keeping her hands on the strings that keep the bad people of the world good enough for now.

His Dark Mistress (Boston)

The King of Miami

Houston (coming sometime)

Jamie O’Connor

The Savannah House

A one off short about cooking and family and coming home.