Okay, so full disclosure here, I was #teamBSB in the boyband wars, but they did some seriously atrocious videos.  N*SYNC, in Pop, created the consummate 90s pop video, complete with synchronized 5-man choreography, uber-bright colors, JT beatboxing, dancing hallways, and Wade Robson filling in in most of his own choreography because, as I remember it, Joey had a bloody great hole in his leg.  I’m off momentarily to ask the internet why.  The internet always remembers.

Do not be ashamed to enjoy.



With some additional digging, I’ve found some additional videos in English of Henning May and his musically talented compatriots.  Some day, I’m going to string together the ideas into a short story.  It’s just right there.  Loving it.  This is on my writing playlist, at present.



These are the fellows who brought us Come With Me Now a couple years back.  Fabulous, fabulous.  Did some digging, because that’s what I do at this point, and turned up that the four of them are brothers, which engages my writer brain immensely.  What has it got to be like, to be in a group like this with your three brothers?  The personalities on display are huge.  I will probably end up watching interviews and live performances to get a sense of what they’re like as people.  Very intrigued.

Any rate, I’m posting this now because it’s only 12 days old, and that’s novel to me.  I need to watch it all the way through four times to watch each of them individually, but I always get distracted.  Fun stuff.

You needed more singing gorillas in your life.  Believe me.

What I’m reading: Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett

What I’m watching: NCIS, in large quantities