Chloe Garner

Sam & Sam 1-4

The first four books of the Sam and Sam series are now available for purchase on Amazon.  These books are the first in a series, designed to be read as a set, while future releases will be one-off stories featuring the same characters in related plots.  If you enjoy Sam & Sam and would be interested in receiving a reviewer’s advanced copy of the next unreleased book in the series, please use the contact me link on the top menu to let me know.
Exclusively available on Amazon, and coming soon on other platforms:
Or if you just want to dive straight in, check out the box set!

Out Now, Book 5 of the Sam & Sam series.


This should have been the time for putting their lives back together, but – really – who expects that? One naïve angel, one psychic vision, one slap from Kara, and they’re back on the road again. Sam, Samantha, and Jason have got things to do, demons to ash, abominations to kill, and miles and miles of highway to cover.

Hang on tight for a wild ride. Powerful demons are pulling levers and making plays, and no one is safe.

Dragonsword on Amazon


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