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I’ve been cycling stuff through InstaFreebie for a few months now and I’m settling down to a set of novellas and novelettes that are going to be there for the foreseeable future, so I wanted to get them listed here.  Members of my newsletter can download these at any point from InstaFreebie and all you need to do is provide the e-mail address where you want them to go.  If you aren’t on my mailing list, some of these are members-only bonus stories, and InstaFreebie makes it really easy to sign up.  The ones that require an opt-in subscription are noted below.  If you have any trouble at all with IF, please let me know – you can use the Contact Me form here on my site, or reply to any of my newsletters, and I’m happy to make sure that you get a copy of any of my work that’s currently up for free.

Currently free:



Set somewhere around the middle of the plot of Gypsy Becca, Ghost of Kerrington Manor is a southern ghost story.  Meet the characters and see the world and the magic of the Makkai Gypsies.  If you enjoy this one, be sure to get a copy of Gypsy Becca!


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Chloe.Garner.Abby (1)


Abby was the book that I almost didn’t write.  I had a four-part story planned and I got to the end and realized what a glaring hole there was in the narrative in failing to introduce Abby, so here it is, the missing Book of Carter.  This is a part of the Sam & Sam universe, and it belongs sequentially between the first few paragraphs of Rage and the rest of the book.  It is, of course, its own story unto itself and can be read in any order.

Carter and the demons of New York have had a difficult relationship from the beginning.  He has to decide, though, what he’s going to do about it when one of them crosses the line, though, and finally prove that he deserves his dangerous reputation.


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Isobel is a Sam & Sam universe novel, though neither Isobel nor any of the young women she comes in contact with over the course of the novel are aware of that.  She is a character from later in the Sam & Sam series, but she needed her own introduction, and the novel is that.  Isobel: The Rise of Rome is a story like the rest in the full Isobel novel, but it might explain a bit about her relationship with the power structures in the ancient world.  If you’ve read Isobel, I think you’ll enjoy the additional story, and if you just want a sample of what the full novel is like, this is a great place to start.

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Everything I had available for download was Urban Fantasy, so I wanted to get a science fiction novella pulled forward and make it available for you to try before the launch of Portal Jumpers II: House of Midas.  The plot of Space Needles is in no way related to Portal Jumpers, but it’s got some of the same feel – the political relationship with technology, the way people come through when things go wrong, a technical view of the world and how things work.  Kenny is a space needle operator, the head of the Houston installation of a network of needles used to ship the world’s goods from point to point in zero gravity, zero friction.  It’s a complex, dangerous system that is mostly managed by machines until, one day, things start to go wrong.  The science on this one isn’t airtight, but if you’ll take it with a wink, it’s a fun, exciting story about technology and corporate politics and the difference between the story from inside the machine and one one we see from outside of it.

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If you enjoyed Space Needles, you might enjoy Portal Jumpers and the upcoming sequel.


The Young Princess is technically fantasy because it exists in a made-up world, but it has no magic, no fantasy creatures, no big, mythical feel.  This is the story of a young royal finding her way in a political world, and the story of the young woman whose job it is to watch over her and guide her.  It doesn’t have a close parallel in the rest of my work, yet, but keep an eye out for Wizards of the White Oak later this year for something with a similar kind of feel, though Wizards does have a significant magical element.

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