Gypsies After Dark: cross-promotion material

This is where I’ll be posting cross-promotional material from the members of the Gypsies After Dark box set.  Everything here you are welcome to send to your newsletters, street teams, and other reader groups as you see fit.  You should feel free to pick which covers and which content suits your audience best.  I’m attempting to be thorough, so including everything is almost by definition going to be overkill.  Thanks!

Ann Gimpel:

Bio: Ann Gimpel is a USA Today bestselling author. A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago. Her short fiction has appeared in webzines, magazines, and anthologies. Her longer books run the gamut from urban fantasy to paranormal romance to science fiction. Once upon a time, she nurtured clients. Now she nurtures dark, gritty fantasy stories that push hard against reality. She’s published more than 50 books to date with many more to come.

Promo titles:

Highland Secrets:

Winning Glory:

Alphas in the Wild Collection:

Alice’s Alphas:

Mailing list:

New signups receive Roman’s Gold, Underground Heat #1. Here’s a link to my website page featuring that book. It’s not free anywhere but to my new subscribers.

Active giveaway:

6 $500 Amazon GCs. Giveaway runs through 4/30 and is a NL building event for the participating authors.

Chloe Garner

I’m Chloe and I act as the conduit between my dreaming self and the paper (or keyboard, since we live in the future).  I write paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and whatever else goes bump in the night, I also write mystery/thriller as Mindy Saturn.  When I’m not writing I steeplechase miniature horses and participate in ice cream eating contests.  Not really, but I do tend to make things up for a living.

Promo titles:

Rangers: First book in the series at the core of the world that Gypsy Becca is in.  It is $0.99 through the end of May.

Diana: Novella from Book of Carter, in the same world as Gypsy Becca.  Available on preorder now, Diana goes live 4/30.  $0.99 through the week after launch.

Book of Carter: Combines 4 novellas in the same world as Gypsy Becca.  On preorder through May 28 and $0.99 through the week after launch.

Mailing list:

Right now, my newsletter subscribers can get a copy of 3 different novellas: Isobel: Rise of Rome, Space Needles, and Book of Carter: Departure.  The Book of Carter: Departure will be expiring soon, but I’ll be adding 3 new novellas over the next two months, including a copy of my Gypsy Becca short.

Giveaway: Book of Carter paperback.  Giveaway ends noon EST, May 28th.

Giveaway: Book of Carter ebook.  Giveaway ends noon EST, May 28th.