Gypsies After Dark: Gypsy Becca Cover Reveal


The world of Sam & Sam is growing ever bigger.  The Book of Carter collection releases at the end of the month – four prequel novellas with a bonus lost novella just to newsletter subscribers – and then Gypsy Becca, the first book of the Gypsy Queen trilogy, is going to be available exclusively in the Gypsies After Dark box set and Gypsy Dawn, the sequel, will be going up for preorder.  Want a sample of Gypsy Becca?  I’m giving that out to newsletter subscribers, as well!

Becca has only just joined her first Makkai Gypsy tribe, devoted to fighting dangerous supernatural things, when an old threat to their tribe’s queen resurfaces.  Without knowing who else she can trust, Bella draws Becca deep into the intrigue of an old curse that has already claimed the lives of multiple queens.  Can Becca reveal the source of the curse in time to stop it, or will Bella suffer the same fate as the queens who came before her?


The box set is available for preorder now at $0.99.  It will remain at that price through the week after it launches (June 20th), then it will go up to $2.99.  That’s 23 books for less than a dollar.  Links to all major retailers are here.

This post is part of a blog hop as the authors introduce their books and their worlds.  You can catch up starting here, or just carry on with Cate Ferran here!


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