Gypsy Dawn

Gypsy Dawn: Life of a Gypsy Queen is now live!


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Bella was safe. The tribe was working, and everything should have been as it was supposed to be.
But there was a new threat, one to little sister Dawn, and this one they know almost nothing about. Someone is looking for her, looking for the box of crystals that she guards. The Makkai Gypsies are up against a new foe, but instead of targeting the strongest of them, this one is after the weakest.

Dawn is going to have to figure out how much risk she’s willing to take with her own life if she wants to stay with the tribe any longer.


Gypsy Dawn is the sequel to Gypsy Becca which is currently available exclusively in the Magic After Dark box set.  However, if you’re looking for just a plain copy of Gypsy Becca the box set will be down by the end of the month and we’ll have Gypsy Becca up shortly after that.