The Savannah House

The_Savannah House

Going home is never easy.  Gennie left her home in southern Georgia for cooking school in New York as soon as the ink was dry on her high school diploma, and she never looked back.  Eight years later, she is returning with Ari, the star of her cooking class and the love of her life, but despite her professional and romantic successes she’s no better at fitting in and being happy at home than she was as a teen.  Between a mother who never understood her and a sister who never understood why flirting with her boyfriend might be weird, Gennie is in for a long vacation.  This is a story about southern women, about what it’s like to be the quiet one, and about really understanding what it is you want out of life.
Mostly though, this is a story about food.

Author’s Notes:  I wrote this on a train to Washington DC.  It’s not much like most of the rest of the work I envision myself doing, but I wanted to write it, and I wanted to finish it.  It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s sincere.  This is a short story, at 54 pages in paperback, and there’s no one I can think of that I would say shouldn’t read it, though it also isn’t something I would consider a ‘gateway’ into other projects, series, and worlds that I have finished or planned.  If you read it and enjoy it, I am genuinely delighted, but there aren’t any other stories on the horizon I want to point you at, from here.  It’s a story.  About food.

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