Jason Elliott – sex god

So here’s what’s up.  Someone was supposed to come over here and do interviews, and Sam was going to do it, but you seriously don’t want to get stuck with that nerd all week.  I mean, how many things about the ways to classify wraiths do you really need to know?  Someone does it, and more power to them, but it’s boring.  Samalina volunteered, but she knows literally nothing about who we are, what we do, or the stuff that’s actually out there in the world.  I mean, we picked her up on the side of the road.  If you want tips on hitchhiking, I can go grab her.  I’m sure she’s got all the tips you could possibly use.  But if you want to know the exciting stuff, yeah.  Yeah.  You know you’ve got the right guy.

I’m Jasion Elliott.  Sex.  God.

Here to answer your most deep-seated questions.

Edited to add: Sam says I have to talk about the Rangers and us, and he’s going to beat me over the head with a laptop if I take a single sex question.  So there’s that.

Edited again to add: Sam says I have to make it clear that I am not a deity.

(Kerry) So what made you pick the sword you did? Why so big. Lahn and Diana are short, so why pick a really long one?  Oh, honey.  You’re just baiting me, aren’t you?  Trying to get me kicked off the interview first question?  Look, if you’ve got your pick of equipment, why not go big?  And, dude, she’s the Dragon sword.  You know that Mha’Shing turned Carter down when he tried to buy her?  All right, do it right.  I’m a big guy.  Sam-the-girl couldn’t get Anadidd’na back in a sheath because her arms are so short compared to mine, and Carter, well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but he has hands like a girl.  I think he sees someone, for them.  Do what you do, man, but Anadidd’na is a brutal sword, heavy like you wouldn’t believe.  There are good reasons to go with a petite sword, if you’re in the market, but that just isn’t my thing.


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