Magic After Dark Follow-on Material

Like what you read?  Want to go ahead and get signed up for the whole series?  Prefer paper?

These are other versions or other stories in the series for the books in the Magic After Dark box set.  Because you always need more Magic.

Ann Gimpel

51f50klfvwlThe sequel to Tarnished Beginnings; available on Amazon as an ebook now!  Or find it in paperback here.












Book three of the Soul Dance series, available no on preorder as an ebook here or as a paperback here.








Miranda Hardy



Paperback version of Lightning Struck, available now!











Preorder for The Hunters’ Fate, The Roaming Curse book 2, now available on preorder.








Chloe Garner



Paperback of Gypsy Becca, available now!