Mindy Saturn

Coming in June 2015:

His Dark Mistress: Miami

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Palm Tree Low HDM Miami

Available now!

His Dark Mistress
HDM 16x24 r1

In a few cities across the US, they tell of a woman who is only known as His Dark Mistress.  Most believe that she is a myth, that no one could be responsible for the things attributed to her, yet the stories continue.  No one can quite say what she looks like, but everyone knows that you’ll know her if you see her.  Mothers tell their sons bedtime stories about her, to ensure that they grow up to be good.  Otherwise, she may come for you…

Beth is a reporter off her last story. Finding her next big lead may take her a while, but a city like Boston has lots to hide, and it’s only a matter of time before she finds a place to dig. All it takes is one press conference, though, and she’s off chasing a series of suspicious clues involving the mayor, a pair of street thugs Beth dubs Tank and Turbo, and a warehouse by the docks. When a tall, dark woman in a long jacket gets involved for reasons of her own, things really start to spiral out of control…

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