His Dark Mistress


In a few cities across the US, they speak of a woman known only as His Dark Mistress. Most believe she is a myth, that no person could be responsible for the things they claim she has done, that she is merely a bedtime story mothers tell their sons to make sure they grow up to be good. Yet the stories persist…

Beth is a reporter off her last story. Finding her next big lead may take her a while, but a city like Boston has lots to hide, and it’s only a matter of time before she finds a place to dig. All it takes is one press conference, though, and she’s off chasing a series of suspicious clues involving the mayor, a pair of street thugs Beth dubs Tank and Turbo, and a warehouse by the docks. When a tall, dark woman in a long jacket gets involved for reasons of her own, things really start to spiral out of control…

Author’s Notes:  His Dark Mistress is a set of eyes that live at the back of my head.  She’s a bit dark, and she’s very much her own person.  She shows up when she wants and she leaves when she wants, and if she wants to shoot a guy in the face, she darn well does it.

The book is written in the style of a thriller or a mystery, though it wanders a bit more than the average mystery and a bit less than the average thriller.  I would compare it to Harlan Coben or Robert B. Parker.  This is the first in a series, but the plots aren’t terribly inter-connected.  It is my intent to make this a series that a reader could happily jump into at any point and enjoy that portion of the story without needing to chase down the rest of it.  I don’t have an ‘end’ planned, just the next few books, and I don’t intend to leave any of them on a cliff-hanger that demands the next book exist.  If His Dark Mistress should ever get bored with me, that will be the end of the series.

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