This is the beginning.

Before she ran away and met the Rangers, hunted ghosts and demons and zombies, Samantha came to Carter, lost and alone. He proceeded to make her life miserable in every way he could think of.
Before Samantha showed up at his door and moved into his closet, Carter lived a sullen, shut-in existence, associating with more demons than humans, and with very little hope for change in this life or the next. Having an ignorant teenager drive him around the city didn’t change much, other than that tormenting her was a special kind of fun.
They’re together, now, and neither of them are prepared for how that’s going to change them. More importantly, the demonic community of New York is never going to see them coming.

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The full Book of Carter goes live on May 28th!

Justin, the second novella in the set is now available!