Sarah Todd

***UPDATE 3 (11/1/17): Sarah Todd is now available for sale!

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***UPDATE 2 (10/15/17): Found out late last night that Scout is going to pass on Sarah Todd.  I’m in the middle of releasing Gypsy Becca, so Sarah Todd is looking like more like end-of-month than I might have planned, but she won’t wait long!  At the very bottom of this post, I’m going to stash a bunch of links that might be useful, including one to sign up for updates in your inbox.***

***UPDATE (10/2/17):  My Scout campaign has ended.  I should find out whether or not Sarah is going to join the Scout family in the next two weeks, give or take; my first stop after that will be here to let you guys know!***

Sarah Todd starts her journey toward publishing today.  I’m hitting the button to submit the story to Kindle Scout, and I should hear back in a day or so whether it has been accepted into the Scout gauntlet.  Then it’s a 30 day campaign and a 15 day wait to see whether or not the Amazon imprint is going to pick her up, or if I’ll be setting her loose on the world through my normal indie channels.

Wish us luck!


Back when the trains ran regular, Lawrence was a bustling little town. Back then, the Lawson brothers ran things. Now there’s just Sarah Todd, and she’s up to her armpits in bandits.

There aren’t many folk left in Lawrence. There are holdouts growing what little the land will grow, there are prospectors who just won’t say die, and there are bandits who want anything they can get their grubby hands on. When someone makes a huge find, what used to be a controlled chaos is about to go toes-up.


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A list of all of the books I currently have on sale.  If you’re here for sci-fi westerns, I’m afraid Sarah Todd is it, but if you like world-hopping science fiction or demonic hack ‘n’ slash urban fantasy, you might find something that interests you while Sarah Todd wraps up and gets to press.

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