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It gets worse before it gets better.

Sam left her. It wasn’t really Jason’s decision, so he went along with it at the time, but he’s regretted it ever since. Now they have to deal with the consequences. Samantha is back, but nothing is the same and it looks like it may never be, again.

Carly, Sam’s demonic ex-girlfriend, has put him under a spell that’s likely to kill both Sam and Samantha, if they aren’t careful. If they do manage to survive, they still have Carly’s self-absorbed boss to deal with, plus a horde of zombies that Samantha says aren’t zombies at all. Samantha may be a shaman with a knack for knowing the right things at the right times, but even she may not be able to get them out of this unscathed


Book two of Sam & Sam.  We’re spiraling down into a darker world – Samantha’s world.  The first four books of the series are tightly bound together; subsequent ones are much more independent.

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