The Anadidd’na Universe

Angels and demons, psychics, legendary swords, and of course the few humans powerful enough to try to keep tabs on it all.  In a world you couldn’t tell from our own, on the surface, Samantha is part of the battle for justice and good.

Sam & Sam

The Sam and Sam series is the main branch of this world and includes the base mythology in Rangers, Shaman, Psychic, and Warrior. Dragonsword (out now) and Child (releasing in early 2017) continue the story in a more episodic fashion.



The Book of Carter

A four part series telling the story of Samantha and Carter.


We have been trickling the parts out via Instafreebie as a reward for mailing list subscribers and incentive to join up but later this year we will be releasing the stories for sale and The Book of Carter as a complete box set.