The His Dark Mistress Series

She’s your classic, fun-loving, shoot-them-in-the-face kind of girl.  And while her sense of right and wrong may be a bit twisted, His Dark Mistress generally finds herself on the side of good. These are the stories of the people who know she is no myth.


The King of Miami

Miami Cover

In a few cities across the US, criminals speak of a woman known only as His Dark Mistress. Most believe she is a myth – an impossible ghost story – told by worried mothers to set bad little boys right. “Grow up and do good or she’ll come for you” they say. Operating quietly, her work is often dismissed as bad luck or a rival gang, but His Dark Mistress is real enough and now she has her sights set on Miami.
Timo was just trying to get by doing a little of this or a little of that when a woman in a giant black coat walked into the middle of his lunch and told him to rob Javier, the biggest drug dealer in Miami.
Neil was working on rebuilding his organization in Boston when the woman who took down his boss and scattered his crew in the first place breezed in and told him he was going to run the city.
Brad is preparing for a new baby when accounting irregularities reveal a conspiracy that could upend his company and put more than his business at risk.
The woman who brought down organized crime in Boston is at it again, only this time it’s going to get personal.

JJ’s Note:   This is the second of this loose series (which can be read in whatever order you feel like) and my favorite.  I love the feel of Miami and the way Mindy runs the three plot lines throughout the story.  Every new section is like “Oh yeah, I wanted to know what happened there!” in a way that makes you forget you wanted to know what happened next on the thread you were on, until it turns up again.  Which is to say I had a hard time getting to bed on time.


His Dark Mistress


In a few cities across the US, they speak of a woman known only as His Dark Mistress. Most believe she is a myth, that no person could be responsible for the things they claim she has done, that she is merely a bedtime story mothers tell their sons to make sure they grow up to be good. Yet the stories persist…
Beth is a reporter off her last story. Finding her next big lead may take her a while, but a city like Boston has lots to hide, and it’s only a matter of time before she finds a place to dig. All it takes is one press conference, though, and she’s off chasing a series of suspicious clues involving the mayor, a pair of street thugs Beth dubs Tank and Turbo, and a warehouse by the docks. When a tall, dark woman in a long jacket gets involved for reasons of her own, things really start to spiral out of control…

The original His Dark Mistress and the first novel from Mindy Saturn.

JJ’s Note:  One beta reader nearly threw his tablet across the room when he finished this book and he couldn’t find the second one (he thought I had already sent it to the tablet). Don’t worry though, the second one is done and available so pull up a warm blanket, a glass of wine, and some Dorito’s; you can read this safe in the knowledge that when it’s over you can read the next one too.

Seriously, it’s not like there are any big cliff hangers or mean tricks at the end.  It ends in a fairy tale.  I need to find less serious beta readers…   seriously.


What’s Next?

An acquaintance has asked for His Dark Mistress’s help. His girlfriend is missing and about to get into more trouble than she can get out of on her own. His Dark Mistress brings in her inside man (who happens to be a woman) to try to get in front of the trouble but if it were easy that wouldn’t be that interesting.