The King of Miami

Miami Cover

In a few cities across the US, criminals speak of a woman known only as His Dark Mistress. Most believe she is a myth – an impossible ghost story – told by worried mothers to set bad little boys right. “Grow up and do good or she’ll come for you” they say. Operating quietly, her work is often dismissed as bad luck or a rival gang, but His Dark Mistress is real enough and now she has her sights set on Miami.

Timo was just trying to get by doing a little of this or a little of that when a woman in a giant black coat walked into the middle of his lunch and told him to rob Javier, the biggest drug dealer in Miami.
Neil was working on rebuilding his organization in Boston when the woman who took down his boss and scattered his crew in the first place breezed in and told him he was going to run the city.
Brad is preparing for a new baby when accounting irregularities reveal a conspiracy that could upend his company and put more than his business at risk.

The woman who brought down organized crime in Boston is at it again, only this time it’s going to get personal.

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